As you are aware, Thatchers is a mixed Year 1 and 2 class. Whenever possible, the children will all learn together and the different objectives for Year 1s and 2s will be met by careful differentiation. The children will still enjoy time for own learning and can now benefit from a role play area which allows opportunities for continuous provision. This area will be planned to extend and enrich the learning taking place in the classroom.

Thatchers children will be heard reading every day, in many different contexts. Children will be heard formally on a one to one basis or within a ‘guided reading’ group twice a week. Whilst reading will not always be recorded in your child’s reading record, comments and areas to work on will be recorded when your child reads their own reading book to a teacher on a one to one basis. Please do try to listen to your child read at home daily to support their progress. Remember to ask your child questions as they read to check their comprehension of the text. It can be useful to talk about how the characters are feeling, what has happened so far and what your child thinks might happen next. Discussing new words will also help them to build their vocabulary. If you do discuss anything, feel free to write a comment about this in their reading record, so that we can follow this up in school to embed any new vocabulary or comprehension skills. The children are encouraged to change their reading books independently in Thatchers class, however Sounds Write books that support decoding skills, are limited so adults may change these for the children at times. If they bring home a book they have read before, don’t worry. Reading a book a second or third time is excellent practice and provides a great opportunity to focus on questions about the text. 
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