Welcome to …..The Foresters

We are the year 5 and 6 children, taught by Mrs Pullinger, who is supported by the teaching assistants.

In the mornings, we start off with English followed by Maths, leaving the afternoons free for History, Geography and the other subjects, which are usually linked to our topic. We will be using seasonal terms for our topics and using concept enquiry questions for our planning. This year we are trialing this in our Cycle B, using slightly different planning formats and teaching sequences.

Foresters are given ‘POWer Projects’ to complete each term to extend learning outside of school. Power Projects will now come out just before half term, once the children have begun to develop their knowledge and skills in a new (two term) topic.

As we prepare for secondary school, it is vital that we continue with regular spelling, reading and maths skills – especially practicing our times tables still.
One of the best things about being a Year 6 is that we have our own Reception 'buddy' who we look out for, along with many other key responsibility roles!
School Games Platinum 22/23
Healthy Schools 2020
Music Mark (Proud)