School Lunches

Currently, Crockerton School has their School Lunch provided by Acorn Education Trust based at New Close School.
Children in Potters and Thatchers are entitled to a free hot or cold lunch or they can bring in a packed lunch from home. This should be a nut free with no chocolate bars. Please consider that the contents are not sugar heavy.  As a school, we often talk about healthy options in our lunch boxes as well as how we can reduce  waste and use less individually wrapped items. 

Due to the restrictions on space and staff we are only able to offer a hot meal to Potters and Thatchers children. Children in KS2 can buy a cold lunch from Acorn Academy or bring in a packed lunch from home. All children who are entitles to Free School Meal (FSM) can have a hot or cold meal.
Packed lunches should be in a box or lunch pack. The children do not need a rucksack to carry this lunch box as these are kept in shelves in or around their classroom.
Registering for School Meals

We ask that ALL PARENTS fill in a school meals registration form, see below. This is important so that we can continue to register pupils who attract pupil premium, which is worth £1,300 a year per pupil for our school.

Once you have registered you can access the ScoPay Platform here:
Any allergens for the meals can be found here:
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