School Lunches

From September 2014 significant changes happened to school food: cooking came back on the curriculum, every pupil in reception, year 1 and 2 are eligible for free school meals and new food standards were introduced. These are three of the 16 actions in the School Food Plan, which aims to transform what children eat in schools and how they learn about food (see

Good food and good food culture has been shown to lead not only to healthier, happier and more fulfilled children, but to improved educational attainment. Evidence from those areas that already provide universal free school meals is that children eat more healthily and perform better academically. Schools in those areas have also reported improved behaviour and atmosphere as a result of all pupils eating together every day.

New standards for school food have recently been published and came into force in January 2015. By following them, we can be sure that our pupils will get the nutrition they need across the whole school day. We believe that the school lunchtime is a great opportunity for our children to sit down together and enjoy their healthy and tasty meal, while developing their social skills.

Due to the restrictions on space and staff we are only able to offer a hot meal to Potters and Thatchers children.

Registering for School Meals

We ask that ALL PARENTS fill in a school meals registration form, see below. This is important so that we can continue to register pupils who attract pupil premium, which is worth £1,300 a year per pupil for our school.
Lunches and Snacks:

We are a chocolate bar and nut-free school. We encourage a healthy packed lunch, fresh fruits and nutritious sandwich fillings.
Potters and Thatchers (KS1) are also entitled to hot dinners daily. Acorn Education Trust are our catering suppliers and the meals are prepared and delivered fresh to us every day from the Avenue School.

Summer Menu from June 2023:
Any allergens for the meals can be found here:
Once you have registered you can access the ScoPay Platform here:

KS2 children should bring in a packed lunch in small lunch bags – no rucksacks, unless entitled to a Free School meal – booking as above

All children can bring in fresh fruit for a snack at morning play. KS1 children have fruit provided through a Government scheme. The type of fruit changes quite often and we do not know what will be delivered.
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