Stop and Drop Morning arrangements

We are delighted to run a Stop and Drop system each morning, allowing cars to pull up at the car park entrance and children exiting the car on the driver's side, then walking into school through the car park.

The service is designed to ease congestion outside the school in the mornings, helping to keep our road and children safe whilst being considerate of our neighbours in Crockerton.

In order for the service to run smoothly and safely it is imperative that certain rules are adhered to by parents and carers using the service.

The service is run between 08:40 and 08:55 Monday to Friday inclusive. Children must not be in school before 8.40am unless they are attending Breakfast Club, which is available every morning from 7.45am.
Please do not pull up at the car park before 8.40am. Only children walking to school will wait on the green until 8.40am.

Stop and Drop is only operated during the morning school run. Afternoon pick up is managed by staggering the end of school day for each year group.


Please do not arrive before 8.40am

All children can be dropped off at the staff car park entrance and walk up through the car park and straight to their classrooms. Additional adults will walk with the youngest children or new children for the first week or so.

Arrive at the Stop and Drop area via Potters Hill. When at the entrance to the school car park, stop the car (2 cars should be able to drop off at the same time). Mrs Ilic, or another staff member, will open the car door and help the children out. If children are in 3-point car seats, parents should help unclip their child.

Cars will then continue down Broadmead Lane. (Turn left at this junction and left or right at the pub to return to the main road.)  Please be very aware of families walking up to school on Broadmead Lane.

Additional points about Stop and Drop to ensure for a smooth effective system.

  • Children should get out of the car from behind the driver’s seat.
  • If they are sat in the front passenger seat, children should get out of the car and walk around          the back of the car and into school car-park.
  • Be patient waiting on Potters Hill and do not overtake a stationary car in front to keep all        children safe.
  • Children in Year 5/6 Foresters class only can arrive at 8.35am
  •  Children in Potters and new to Stop and Drop should be dropped from 8.45am as they take a bit longer - especially if using car seats.
  • Please do not arrive at the car park before 8.40am, if early wait away from school until the correct time.
  • Children should not undo their seat belt, nor open the car door until the car has stopped.
  • Please be aware of non-school cars who may be unaware of this system and do occasionally sneak past stationary cars.
  • Say a quick goodbye from the car, encouraging your child to have all their belongings with them.
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